Circulation Policies

Equipment checked out from the Link is due back by the specified date written on the loan agreement form and recorded in Support@Duke. To find the due date for your equipment, log into your library account at

You will receive a courtesy notice 4 days before equipment is due. Following the due date/time, you will accrue fines at a rate determined by the equipment loaned. You will be notified via email 3 times when your equipment is overdue – 3 days after the due date, 7 days after the due date, and 21 days after the due date. On the 28th day, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the equipment, and the Link will not accept the equipment if returned. Please note that email is not always a guaranteed method of contact; deliver can be delayed, or you can miss seeing a message if you receive many emails in a day. You are still responsible for the equipment return, even if you do not see or read the courtesy notice.

Link equipment is not renewable online through the library system, and those who wish to extend the due date must come in person with loaned equipment to the Link Service Desk before the due date. Borrowers may then renew the equipment with the following exceptions:

  1. Due to high demand, there may be a 24 hour waiting period to renew a loan. Equipment will not be held during this time, and we do not guarantee it will remain available.
  2. Other equipment may also have a 24 hour waiting period, determined by the Link Service Desk, if equipment supplies are low when the equipment is returned.
  3. Renewals are not guaranteed for any borrower, and is based on the discretion of the Service Desk.

NOTE: Borrowers who attempt to “renew” equipment AFTER the original due date will be charged fees from the original due date.

Hours for the Service Desk can be found at - see "Walk-In at the Link." Equipment must be returned during the hours noted on the website.