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Reserve a Space for Faculty

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Reserving classrooms or seminar rooms for semester-long courses

If you would like to reserve a classroom for your course, you can do so through the course reservation process processed by the Registrar for each academic period. A group study space may be approved in conjunction with a semester long course only if the reservation is tied to an existing course in the Link and only during the same day/time period of that class. More information on the reservation process can be found at the Registrar’s website.

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Reserving classrooms or seminar rooms for one-time use – do you have a specific date in mind?

Classes that are held in other locations at Duke may wish to come to the Link for a single class session to take advantage of technology and classroom layout only available in the Link.

If you would like to bring a class into the Link for a specific date, please place your request through the 25Live Room request system at http://25live.collegenet.com/duke. Be sure to include the course listing for the class in the event title, and information in the comments about what you would like to use in the Link for your session (such as multiple projection, videoconferencing, laptops or specific software.)

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Unsure which room is suitable for you?

If you are not sure which room you would like to request, use the Link request form to let us know what your needs are, and we can recommend a room for you. Note that Link staff will suggest possible rooms for you and then ask you to fill out the 25Live reservation form to officially request them; we do not reserve classrooms and seminar rooms directly. Also note that we do not typically book group study rooms for full course sessions.

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Complete requests for classrooms or seminar rooms must be received at least 3 business days in advance to be assured of a response.

Requests for events that are not related to on-going classes are accommodated on a space available basis and in accordance with the Link’s mission to support teaching and learning.

Due to demand for space in the Link, administrative or research meetings are not supported. Requests from professional schools are also currently not supported. If you wish to ask the Link to consider an exception for your event, please contact us using the general contact form on this website.

Please note that open spaces in the Link are not available for reservation. Event activities must be confined to Link rooms unless prior arrangements are made with the Link services team.

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Contact Us

To inquire about equipment, request a consultation, or provide feedback about your experience at the Link, contact linksupport@duke.edu.

For technical help with your laptop or to contact the OIT Service Desk, please go to: