Teaching and Learning Options

Groups with breakout sessions 

Combine presentations or classroom work with small group activities or break-out groups.

Video recording

Combine large and small group work in the same room or different rooms and capture video for review.

Classroom videoconferencing

Connect with an individual in a remote location via video conferencing.

Presentations incorporating multiple projections

Compare and contrast two to three different visual sources during your presentation.

Projections from multiple classroom computers

Project work from many computers on multiple surfaces.

Interaction with large data files and data sets

Use specialized software to manipulate, analyze, and visualize large data sets

Fixed-lab computers for instruction

Use high-performance desktop computers in a fixed lab setting, or get individual access to GIS, Matlab, multimedia, or other computing-intensive instructional activities.

Flexible classroom configuration

Alternate between lectures and small group work in the same classroom by rearranging the lightweight furniture during class.

Simultaneous meetings of multiple sections

Reserve multiple Link classrooms at once to enable different course sections to meet both together and separately during the same time block.

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