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Equipment Built Link Rooms

Equipment Built Into Link Rooms

Link Seminar 1

Most Link rooms have some technology as a built-in feature. Depending on the room, available technology includes:

  • Ceiling Projection (including multiple projection in Classroom 5)
  • Flat-screen LCD screens
  • Videoconferencing
  • Region-free DVD / CD player
  • Document cameras / visualizers
  • VHS players
  • iPod / auxiliary wall connection support
  • Desktop computer at instructor station
  • 25 high-end computer workstations (available in Classroom 6)

Not all rooms have all of the equipment listed; please see Reserve a Space for a list of rooms and available features.

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To inquire about equipment, request a consultation, or provide feedback about your experience at the Link, contact linksupport@duke.edu.

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