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Group Study Process

Group Study Room Reservation Process

Group study rooms are requested through the Duke University scheduling system, 25Live.  Please review the policies on the Reserve a Space for Faculty or Information for Students page before booking a room.

Keep in mind that simply placing a request does not guarantee that you will be able to use the room.  Requests must be approved by the Trinity Scheduler’s Office.

If you are a non-Duke person interested in requesting Link space, please use the “Contact Us” link on The Link’s web site to get in touch with us.  All requests for group study rooms must follow Link policies.

To request a group study room:

  1. Go to http://25live.collegenet.com/duke.  We recommend using Firefox  as your browser.
  2. Click “Sign into 25Live” on the top right and log in with your netID and password.
  3. Make sure you are on the Home tab. Under “Find Available Locations”, select “I know WHEN my event should take place – help me find a location.”
  4. Enter the date, times and expected number of attendees.
  5. For “Search Within” select “Link Group Study Rooms (Courses Only).”  Then click on “Show Me What’s Available.”
  6. Find the group study room that you want to use and then click “Use This Location.” This will open the Creating New Event page. Be aware there are several pages to click through for this next part.
  7. Under Event Name, enter the course title for which you are studying (for example, Econ 51.)  You must provide the course title in order for your request to be considered.
  8. For Event Type, select “Study Group.”
  9. In the Your Organization section, search for and select “Student Study Group.” Click Next.
  10. The next page shows Expected Head Count; verify or input the number of attendees you are expecting. Click Next.
  11. The next page will ask if your event has more than one occurrence, or repeats. Select No (see the Link’s policies about booking, or not booking, group study rooms on a standing basis under “Reserve a Space for Students”).
  12. Once you select No, the form will automatically change and display the event time and date. Confirm that the information is correct. Click Next.
  13. The next page shows locations. Verify that your group study room requested appears in a box on the right hand side under Selected Locations. Click Next.
  14. The next page will ask about which resources you will need. Read “Room Information” (look at the index on the left side of this page) to see what equipment your chosen study room already comes with (ex. projectors). If you require other equipment, please include them in the provided space.
  15. For the next page – “Additional Required Information” – provide the number of rooms requested, and a contact phone number. In “# of Rooms Requested,” type in “1.” In “Contact Phone Number,” please provide us with that information. In “Are you charging a fee?”, select No. In “Course Listing,” please type in again the name of the class you are studying for (ex. PSY 101). You may disregard “Fund Code.” Click Next.
  16. The next page will display Contacts for the event. Your name should be in the Requestor box. Verify this is true, and click Next.
  17. The next page will allow you to write any additional Comments and Notes you may have about your event. Click Next.
  18. On the Event State page, select “Tentative.” All Link room events will now show up as Tentative until your request is reviewed by a staff member.
  19. Click “Save” at the bottom of your screen to submit your request.

You will receive an automatically-generated email from the system confirming that you have submitted your room request. Once a Link staff member has reviewed your request, you will receive either (1) an email confirming your reservation, (2) an email asking for more information if needed or (3) an email denying the request if it does not comply with group study room policies.

Contact Us

To inquire about equipment, request a consultation, or provide feedback about your experience at the Link, contact linksupport@duke.edu.

For technical help with your laptop or to contact the OIT Service Desk, please go to: