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Information for Students

Would you like to reserve a room to use for studying?

Link group study rooms are available for student study groups. Our group study rooms have capacities ranging from 6 – 12. Please review the policies before reserving a room.

Check out Group Study Room Reservation Process to learn how to reserve a group study room!

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Would you like to reserve a room for a student group?

Student extracurricular groups may only reserve Classroom 2 for meetings. Unfortunately, we cannot support student organizations elsewhere in the Link. Please review the policies before reserving a room.

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To keep rooms available for as many students as possible, Link staff have set several policies for group study room reservation.

Who can reserve Group Study Rooms?

  • Reservations are for academic and course use only.
  • Due to demand:
    • Reservations are available for one-time use only. We do not book recurring reservations.
    • Extracurricular groups may not reserve Link group study rooms.
    • Professional school student groups may not reserve Link group study rooms.
    • We are not able to accommodate reservations for course office hours or tutoring sessions.

Who can reserve Classroom 2?  

  • Student extracurricular groups may reserve this room for meetings.
  • We normally do not book the classrooms & seminar rooms for large groups to study in, preferring to leave that as open study space.

General Policies

  • To be assured of a response, requests must be placed THREE business days in advance and can be made up to ONE week in advance. Requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Student groups are restricted to one reservation per week, placed up to one week in advance. (Sunday -> Saturday)
  • You can have ONE hour per person, up to a four hour maximum (2 people minimum).
  • In order to keep access to rooms available for housekeeping staff, we are unable to make group study room reservations that begin at or after midnight or before 8 AM.

Current group study room reservations can be viewed at the online calendar here: http://25livepub.collegenet.com/calendars/link-group-study-reservations.

If you anticipate needing a room for a study group, it’s a good idea to request a reservation a few days in advance to make sure there is time to process the request. If you aren’t able to get a reservation, you can still use any open Link study room that is not already reserved.

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Contact Us

To inquire about equipment, request a consultation, or provide feedback about your experience at the Link, contact linksupport@duke.edu.

For technical help with your laptop or to contact the OIT Service Desk, please go to: