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Equipment Available Instructional Use

Equipment Available for Instructional Use

Portable equipment for the classroom can be reserved by contacting the Service Desk.
  • Document cameras / visualizers
  • PRS personal response system clickers
  • 2 carts with 20 dual-boot MacBook Pros
  • eInstruction Portable Panels: LCD screens that allow you to write on the screen directly and project your output
  • eInstruction Wireless Pad: wireless control panel that allows you to write on your display from any point in the room
  • eInstruction rolling Smart Board: portable rolling smart whiteboard that allows you to write and capture content for later retrieval.
  • Mimeo Wireless Capture: portable device that attaches to wall-talker surfaces to turn projected content into a smartboard, letting you capture your work for later retrieval.
  • Portable teleconferencing unit: Conduct a phone conference from any room in the Link.

Contact Us

To inquire about equipment, request a consultation, or provide feedback about your experience at the Link, contact linksupport@duke.edu.

For technical help with your laptop or to contact the OIT Service Desk, please go to: